EW-7711MAC has El Capitan driver available on our USA web site at http://www.edimax.us

Or you can click here to download the latest Mac driver directly.

After you download the zip file in your Downloads folder, please open it.

There are two packages inside, USBWireless-install.pkg and USBWireless-Uninstall.pkg.

Before you run the Installer package (USBWireless-install.pkg), please verify whether there is any Edimax Wireless Utility existed in \Applications folder.

If you ever installed an old driver, you may have such Edimax Wireless Utility existed.

If that is the case, please run the USBWireless-Uninstall.pkg package first.

Go through the installation process of it. It will remove the Edimax Wireless Utility from \Applications folder.

Once you verify there is no Edimax Wireless Utility in \Applications folder, you can go ahead to run the USBWireless-install.pkg file. The installation is quite straight forward.

Attached is the guide to use the Edimax Wireless Utility once it has been installed in your computer.