(I.)  Preparation Before Setup 

  • power up the camera and you will hear a sound at the end of the boot-up
  • check the default LED status (left to right)
    Internet(orange) == blinking
          LAN(green) == solid but flickering once awhile
        Power(green) == blinking
  • make sure the Lens' black protective cap has been removed
  • make sure the PIR(Passive Infrared Sensor) protective plastic has been removed
  • make sure nothing is connected to the camera except the power adapter
  • install the EdiView Finder Utility and here's the Download Links for your reference
    Windows (XP~10)
    MacOS (a.k.a Mac OSX)
    [ Note:  For other OS, you can skip this step. ]

 (II.)  Setup 

We use a Windows 10 computer to do the wireless setup.  Steps should be similar if you're using other Operating System (like MacOS, Linux, etc.) or other hardware (like tablet, smartphone, etc.)  However, a laptop is preferred because of a bigger monitor screen size.

  1. We need to connect to the camera's WiFi network first.  From your computer, look for a WiFi network named EdiView.setup **, where ** are the last two hex numbers of your unit's MAC address.
  2. Once found, connect to it.
  3. After connected, it should say No Internet, open for the connected network.
  4. Now, open up a browser, like Internet Explorer(preferred), Firefox, Chrome,  or Safari.  If you're using Windows 10, try not to use the default browser, Edge.
  5. From the browser at the URL Address bar (not Search bar), input "" without the quotes.
  6. You'll be prompted to input the Username and Password.  Use "admin" and "1234 " also without the quotes respectively and then click the Log In button.
  7. You should be now seeing the Live View page from the camera.  On the top, click the Setup page link.
  8. From the main menu on the left, go to Basic > Wireless.
  9. From Wireless page, click Refresh button to see all available WiFi networks.
  10. From the Available Network table, select the WiFi network that belongs to you.
  11. After selected your network, all the settings will be filled automatically except WPA Pre Shared Key (a.k.a Network Password.)  Input the exact same password for your WiFi network.  You can check the Show checkbox to see what you are typing.
  12. After checked the input password, you can click the Save Settings button.
  13. Usually, it takes 15 to 30 seconds for the new settings of the camera to take effect,  i.e. connected to your WiFi network.  Then, your computer should automatically connect back to your main WiFi network.  Just check it to be sure.
  14. You can now launch the EdiView Finder Utility installed earlier.  If everything is OK, it should find the camera and shows you the associated IP address.
    [ Note:  For other Operating System, you may need to use other method to find out what IP address has been assigned to the camera by your router.  Usually, log into the router and check the DHCP Client IP Address table should be able to find the address. ]
  15. Go back to the browser and at the URL Address bar, input the showed  IP address, i.e. http://<ip_address>
  16. Again, it will ask for the Username and Password. Use "admin" and "1234" without the quotes respectively and then click the Log In button.
  17. You should be seeing the Live View page from camera.

That's it!  You are now finished connecting the camera to your WiFi network.

The above steps are based on the following firmware version:
IC-3140W --> v2.00


Technical Support Team
Edimax USA
Santa Clara, CA

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