This article shows you how to do a firmware upgrade when the unit is still in factory defaults state, i.e. fresh out of the box.  In order to do that we need the following:

  • a WiFi capable device, e.g. laptop
  • a web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari
    [ Note:  For Windows 10 user, try NOT to use the Edge browser which is the default. ]

Here's the steps to do the upgrade.

  • Download the latest firmware from the link below.  At the time of writing, it is v1.04.
  • Unzip it into a temporary folder and make sure you can find it later.
  • Connect one of the Gemini-RE11S into the power outlet.
    [ Note:  Gemini-RE11S comes with two units.  We need to do it one at a time.  Do not power up the second unit when you're working on the first one. ]
  • The whole boot-up process may take up to 2~3 minutes.  Please be patient!  After it finished booting-up, you should have the following LED Status:

    -- qDVkX9drrt_llPOgXLbcaNqrHAYXZ4_erw.png blinking blue
    -- 06AeZgVprGF7NJQF71Jhq6af9X6H6NAa4A.png blinking blue
    -- grBmepVCJX2ZqpMrtJInPHsdIPAxDY29fg.png solid green
    If you have LED Status other than that, most likely it is not in default state.  You may need to do a Reset.  For Reset, locate the WPS button.  Press and hold it for at least 15 seconds.  Then, release it and wait for about 2~3 minutes.

  • If you have the correct LED Status, go to your laptop.  Search for a WiFi network named "edimaxEXT.setup **" without the quotes where ** are two hexadecimal numbers, like AB, 1D, etc.

  • When prompts for the Security Key (a.k.a. Network Password), use the one printed on the unit itself.

  • Once connected, open a browser.  At the URL Address bar (not Search Bar), input "http://edimaxext.setup/admin_upgrade.asp" also without the quotes.

  • If everything is OK, you should be at the Upgrade Page (see below) now.


  • Click Choose File button.  Point to the .bin file you unzipped earlier.

  • Click Apply button to start the upgrade process (see below.)


  • Please note the the upgrade process can't be interrupted.  Any interruption may cause the unit in non-operation state.  When that happens, you have no choice to to do request a RMA Replacement.

  • At the end, you should see the Upgrade successful! message (see below.)


  • You have finished the upgrade process.  You can proceed with the Setup procedures.


Technical Support Team
Edimax USA
Santa Clara, CA

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Created:  2016-12-01  2:57 PM
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