Edimax recognize the importance of Internet Security and Privacy of our customers, we have implemented enhanced security on Edimax Internet Surveillance camera.  However, these require two changes to be made by users – upgrade the firmware of camera to v3.x, use new App called EdiLife.

This instruction will provide steps for this transition.  You will need to do the procedures while you are in the same location of your camera and make sure your mobile device use the local WiFi network rather than cellular data.

Please note the firmware v3.x will no longer provide web browser access address like http://Cloud-ID.myedimax.com from a remote computer.  If this function is essential for your need, you may want to consider leaving your camera with firmware v2.x.

Section A. Verify the current firmware in your camera.

  • Launch EdiView II App in your mobile device. 
  • Go to More.  Go to Settings. It will display a list of installed cameras.

  • Tap on the name of your camera.
  • In next page, scroll down and tap on Advanced.
  • You will see the current firmware version in your camera.

            If your camera has firmware 2.x, you can continue below procedure after you click on Check the latest firmware.  However, if your camera has firmware 1.x, you can not continue and you will have to use a computer to manually upgrade the firmware.  EdiLife App can only support camera with firmware v2.x and v3.x.

Section B. Received prompts to upgrade firmware to v3.x.

  • If you see below New Firmware Found message while you open EdiView II App, click on OK

         The message here will not upgrade firmware for you.  It is just a message.  EdiVeiw II App will not do the upgrade for you.  The upgrade can be done in the new EdiLife App.

  • After you click OK, if you see another prompt showing underneath, click on Cancel on the New Firmware Found message to see the hidden prompt which is about the EdiView II App can not work with new firmware v3.x.  Users need to switch to EdiLife App.

If you decide to proceed the procedure, click OK.  It will lead you to App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) to download EdiLife App.  Otherwise, click on Cancel and you still can continue to use EdiView II App while your camera is with Firmware v2.x.

Section C.  Download and install the EdiLife in Apple App store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android)

The EdiLife App is a single App to control and monitor all your Edimax smart devices.  Its interface is a little bit different with EdiView II App.  It may take a little bit time to be familiar with the new EdiLife App.

Section D.  Add your existing camera to EdiLife App.

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera’s.  Lanuch EdiLife App.  
  • Click on + with the exclamation mark on the top right corner.

  •    You will see your camera listed under Available device list.

     5.  Select the camera.  It will ask you to type in username and your password of the camera.  The username is admin.  

            The password is the password that you created for your camera.

            The default camera password is 1234.   If you never set a new password of your camera, EdiLife App will require you create a password with at least 8 characters.  You can choose any name you like into device name. Create a password for your camera.  Type the same password in the Confirm Password box.

        6.  Tap the orange Check Mark on the top right corner to finish the process.  Then you will be back to the home window of EdiLife and you should be able to view images from camera.

            Note:  If the EdiLife App prompts “Incorrect username or password”, please try other possible password that you may set up for Edimax cameras.

Unfortunately, we do not know your camera’s password.  In case you forget your password, the only way to access your camera is to reset the camera to default settings by holding down the Reset button for 15 – 20 seconds, then setup your camera from the beginning.

Section E.  Upgrade camera’s firmware in EdiLife App.

            Whenever there is a newer firmware available for your camera, the profile picture of the camera will show up with a Download symbol.

1.  If there is no notification symbol showing on the camera profile, you can go to Device Settings

2.  Go to Advance.

3.  Click on Check the latest firmware.  If there is a new firmware available, the prompt will ask you whether you want to upgrade.

Click on YES. 

4.  The camera may take 2 minutes to upgrade firmware.  After the message about Upgrading firmware is gone, you may verify the firmware version under Settings => Advance.

Congratulations.  Your camera has the latest firmware.  You may uninstall the old EdiView II App from your phone and start to use EdiLife App.

Technical Support Team

Edimax USA

Santa Clara, CA

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Created:  4:22 PM 4/26/2017