Models:  IC-3140W, IC-5150W, IC-5160GC, IC-7113W, IC-9110W

Firmware:  v2.0 or higher

From time to time, people may switch Wi-Fi network for various reasons, like changing IPS(Internet Service Provider), new equipment(router), renaming Wi-Fi name(SSID), etc.  Doing that, you need to update all your existing equipment settings.  Edimax IP Camera may be one of them.  There are two ways to do it.

  1. Reset it back to factory defaults which will erase all existing settings.  Then, re-do the setup one more time.  It is much easier but requires to reinput all the old settings.
  2. Simply update the Network settings on the camera for the new Wi-Fi network.  It is the easiest way but on the other hand, it is not a straightforward process.

Here are the step by step procedures to change the Network settings without doing a reset (#2 above.)  It only requires a Wi-Fi capable device (laptop preferred) and a web browser.

[a.]  From your laptop, search for a Wi-Fi network named "EdiView.setup **", where ** are the last two hexadecimal numbers of your unit's MAC address.

[b.]  Once Found, connect to it.  It will prompt you to input the Security Key (a.k.a. Network Password.)  Use your OLD Wi-Fi password to make the connection.

[c.]  After connecting to the camera's Wi-Fi network, open up a web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

[d.]  At the URL Address bar (not the Search bar), type in "" without the quotes.

[e.]  If everything is OK, you will be prompted to input the Username and Password for the camera.  For the Username, use "admin" without the quotes.  For the Password, the default is "1234" also without the quotes.  However, if you did change the Password, you need to input the modified Password instead.  Please note that Username and Password are case sensitive.  Be sure you're using the correct upper and lower cases.

[f.]  You should be seeing the video feed from the camera now.  On the top, go to Setup.  Then, select Basic > Wireless from the left Menu option.

[g.]  From the Wireless setting, click the Refresh button next to Available Network.  Give it about 5~10 seconds.  A table will appear with all the available Wi-Fi networks around you.  Select your NEW Wi-Fi network there.  Input the new Wi-Fi password in the box next to WPA Pre Shared Key.  You need to delete all existing dots inside the box first.  You can check the Show checkbox so that you know what you're typing.

[h.]  When done, double-check the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and the Wi-Fi password (WPA Pre Shared Key) to be sure they are correct.  Then, click the Save settings button near the bottom.  After 10~15 seconds, the camera should be connected back to your Wi-Fi network provided that the modified information is right and the camera is within range.

You can now launch the EdiView Finder Utility to find out what IP address has been assigned to the camera by your router.  You can then use that IP address to access the camera from the web browser again.

That's it and enjoy!

Technical Support Team

Edimax USA

Santa Clara, CA

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Created:  2018-02-23 3:04 PM

Modified:  2018-05-22 1:55 PM