(Update: 2019-06-12)  The official Linux driver has been updated to support kernel up to v4.15 now.  The Article needs to be changed accordingly.

(Update: 2018-06-26)  Thanks to Fomalhaut Weisszwerg!  Now, you can use this Article to compile and install the Linux driver for EW-7822UTC too.  It will support Linux kernel up to v4.16.

(Update: 2018-04-02)  Due to APIs changes on kernel v4.15, this open source driver from GitHub will not work at this moment.  Please do not follow the steps below if you're running that kernel version.

As of June 12, 2019, the Official Linux driver for EW-7822ULC supports kernel between v2.6.18 and v4.15 only.  Any versions other than that are not supported.  For kernel higher than v4.15, the workaround is to use an open source driver from GitHub.  Here's the link for your reference.


An Ubuntu 19.04 Operating System(OS) is being used to test the driver.  It is running kernel v5.0.0-16.  A Terminal program is being used to run all the commands to compile and install the driver.  Commands are in green color below and should be typed one command at a time.  The character '$' in the very beginning of each command is just the Terminal prompt showing you're not the root user.  You don't need to include it with the commands, i.e. do not type it.

[1.]  Make sure your system is able to access the Internet.

[2.]  Open a Terminal program from your Ubuntu OS.

[3.]  Make sure your system is up-to-date and reboot it after updated/upgraded, especially with a kernel update.  This step is totally optional and you don't have to do it.

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade

$ sudo reboot

[4.]  Install the necessary files to compile and install the driver if they haven't been installed yet.

$ sudo apt install build-essential git

[5.]  Install the kernel headers, which is needed to compile the driver.

$ sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

[6.]  Clone the open source driver from GitHub repository.

$ git clone https://github.com/EntropicEffect/rtl8822bu.git

$ cd rtl8822bu/

[ Note:  After 'rt' is a letter 'l' (like lemon), not a number '1' (like 1990).  Typing it wrong will cause GitHub to prompt you inputting a Username and a Password, or saying repository not found. ]

[7.]  Compile and install the driver.

$ make

$ sudo make install

[8.]  Restart your system for the newly installed driver to take effect.

$ sudo reboot

That's it!

You may need to recompile and re-install the driver whenever there is a kernel update provided that the updated kernel is supported by the open source driver.  Otherwise, the adapter is not going to work.  Before installing a new driver, please remove the old one with the following commands.

[A.]  Uninstall/remove existing driver.

$ cd rtl8822bu/

$ sudo make uninstall

$ make clean

Then, repeat Steps 1~8 above to recompile and reinstall the driver.

If you're running a Linux distribution other than Ubuntu (Debian-based Linux), you need to modify some of the commands accordingly.  For example, you need to use 'zypper' in OpenSUSE instead of 'apt' to install updates/upgrades/programs.


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